Wednesday, August 02, 2006

the next great extinction

The ‘government’ has just announced that it has given up trying to tackle road congestion. And the icing on the cake is that the city that will suffer the most from this is - Bristol!

Can this be the same Bristol that cravenly backed away from developing its Supertram network last year due to pressure from a few old (car-owning) codger dinosaurs who didn’t want to pay a few extra pence on their council tax?

And which is the only British city that does not have a forecast of increasing congestion? Manchester. And what is it that Manchester has that Bristol may have to wait decades for? You’ve guessed - trams!!

Of course there is a covert message behind this. For all their doddery empty-headedness, even these flat-capped prefect northern toffs realise that once Peak Oil hits, congestion will vanish almost overnight as cars grind to a halt. But the cities (and many towns) will still need trams.

The sooner we start adding to the seven systems we now have the better. Why must the UK always be behind the rest of the world, and wallow in nostalgia and inertia as more enlightened nations tackle the problems of the future head on? Posted by Picasa

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