Friday, August 11, 2006


Yawn - terrorist alert ... yawn, government’s new security measures ...

Can’t these hippies - terrorists and politicians - realise that the world’s moved on? That only chavs and bloated businesspeople use planes anyway, and the average ‘terrorist’ is a teenage dreamer who can’t get a girlfriend or boyfriend?

What moron brings in a rule that mums have to check their baby milk by drinking some in front of a uniformed jobsworth? Remind me when any of these ‘terrorists’ have ever managed to get their leg over, let alone produce some half-bred lunatic baby to bring on a plane to blow up with them?

We need to live more dangerously, not be totally mollycoddled in the arms of the unholy alliance of failed middle-class prefect divvies acting out the (identical) roles of terrorist and politician. I blame the monotheistic patriarchal imported ‘religions’ that want the same thing - total domination of human thought so their leaders can live in unearned luxury whilst laughing at us slaves and shagging virgins (Anne Widdecombe anyone?) left right and centre.

If I’d (heaven forbid) been running the country I’d immediately lift ALL security measures at airports to make travel easier and as a kick in the teeth to the mummy’s boy terrorists.

The trouble with your christians is that they worship and fear death. Pagans don’t see personal death as anything much at all; at worst an inconvenience, at best liberating. Why should anyone fear ‘death’? You immediately become somebody else, perhaps a starving baby in Africa, perhaps a future king, perhaps a strange intelligent being on a distant planet. Remember that we live forever and have lived forever, and no acne-ridden toerag with a chemistry set is going to make any difference to that.

Climate Change and Peak Oil have and will remove these egotistical posturings - div terrorists, George W Bush, the Chuckle Brothers and the mugs ‘fighting’ in the Middle East - from the cool agenda. We should hit them in two ways - through indifference or laughter.

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