Monday, August 07, 2006

loves you Trin!

Amazingly I was, apparently, 50 yesterday!! To be honest I don't feel 20 yet, but I've a Pagan age of about 17 so that's no surprise. This was the day's first birthday cake, a £4.99 job from Sainsbury's.

After dropping Wulf off I whizzed up to Hartcliffe, where I was fed champagne then whisked up to Priddy to see my bestest present - an 11-day old kitten! Mine's Heidi, the little torty!

Another shot of the kits with Heidi staring oddly!

A real treat was a visit to the post-modernist wonderland of Symes Avenue, now threatened by the faceless bureaucrat toffs that think they have power over us. I love this place!

Thanks Trin, Wulf, Abby, Danz and Heidi for making this birthday the most memorable ever!! Posted by Picasa

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