Monday, August 14, 2006

big balloons and little kittens

Saturday night at the Balloon Fiesta at Bristol! Great fun watching the queues for the toilets (1 bucket full of lukewarm bleach) and the crowds of puzzled onlookers (many with crossed legs). There was music by ‘new’ Bristol artists who seemed to think the world stopped with Musical Youth, helicopter rides - I was tempted when someone said £50 each until I realised you paid THEM - cannabis smells and scary rides.

The queue for the toilet.

Dolphins publicly having sex - in public!

Fiesta colour.


Up to Priddy this afternoon to see how Heidi is getting on. Her mum, almost a kitten herself, seems to be coping well, but the next few weeks will be hectic, as they’re just finding their feet, with Heidi managing to climb out of the basket today for the first time! Posted by Picasa

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