Thursday, August 31, 2006

elvie questions christianity

Spent a while chatting to Elvie, one of the cats this afternoon. She posed the question 'Why is Britain still riddled with an alien imported 'religion', and why are Pagans so loathe to kick them out (the christians)?

I explained that Paganism is a very understanding religion and that we value other 'religions' such as christianity because they point out clearly their own mistakes when interpreting the universe, which prevents us from doing the same thing. christians tie themselves in such knots when they try to 'explain' things that they are also most entertaining. Monotheistic 'religions' tend to constantly change to match the time and fashion and to suck in as many fools as they can to keep the cash and easy living going.

Paganism, with no book of rules, no male-dominated 'heirarchy' and no need or desire to proselytise, escapes all these traps and will endure long after the old monotheistic 'religions' have totally disappeared. Once the base need for some to control others vanishes, along with material excess, we'll all revert to the true religion of Europe, Paganism. It's the only certainty there is. We've endured for tens of thousands of years, despite all the horrors visited on us by the repressed foreign hordes, and will endure for tens of thousands more.

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