Wednesday, August 09, 2006


A mad few days. Couldn't blog earlier as I'd cut my finger!

Lots of odd news. Like the fact that bread is rising in price because there is ALREADY competition for land use between growing food and producing biofuels. ALREADY!! So how on earth do our great leaders think they're going to switch every car to biofuel? What are we going to eat? What's more important - food or cars? OPEN NEW RAILWAYS STUPID!!

And Brent Crude reaches a new record price because one poxy oilfield in the USA has rusty pipes! That oilfield produces just 400,000 barrels a day, and it causes ripples throughout the world's financial markets? Just how acute is the oil supply/demand position ALREADY? What would happen if there was an all-out Middle East war for example? Or more major hurricanes on the Gulf Coast? OPEN NEW RAILWAYS STUPID!

And the UK 'government' has just agreed to contribute £92.5 million towards converting the EXISTING Cambridge-St Ives railway to a guided busway!! Hilarious. Get this thickos - we don't want buses - they spell l-o-s-e-r. How's a guided busway going to shift thousands of tonnes of goods when oil runs out? What's a bus going to use for fuel? I know, let's convert it to run on electricity, and while we're at it replace the tarmac with rails to give three times the efficiency for fuel use. Or better still refurbish the EXISTING railway for a third of the price and run ultra-modern trams on it that people will use. Morons ...

All these snippets have to jostle for media-space with idiotic stories like the Israel-Lebanon war, a pointless anachronism in a WORLD that's going to die if we don't all pull together. How much oil is that idiocy wasting? Will the lemmings never learn? Posted by Picasa

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