Wednesday, May 28, 2008

who would have thought it?

"The cause of rising prices is clear - growing demand and too little supply to meet it both now and, perhaps of even greater significance, in the future.

"Our goal that Britain becomes a low-carbon economy is now an economic priority as well as an environmental imperative."
Who said this? A clued-in economist, a Peak Oil advocate, Transition?

No, none other than our 'Prime Minister', Gordon Brown. And - this is the hilarious part - he said it in response to the barely believable lazy, sorry - lorry, drivers' 'protests' of yesterday.

So arch enemies of the environment and economic sense have managed to make possibly the worst Prime Minister since Thatcher publicly admit to Peak Oil!!

This is a wonderful world!

(Cynics (deniers) may claim through the comments page that Brown is merely making this all up to avoid losing extra tax revenue (for fitted kitchens no doubt)). (Conspiracy theorists (Daily Mail readers etc) may claim that Brown and his chums in the 'illuminati' and New World Order (big lizards department) are manipulating the price). Post drivel if you dare!
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