Thursday, June 05, 2008

the new reality

Britain's new reality is starting to take shape. Falling house prices, 38% of adults frightened they can't repay their debts, petrol and diesel starting to become expensive, the spectres of unemployment and inflation on the horizon.

The lucky ones are those who rent and have no debt, who have recession-proof businesses and have stored at least part of their wealth in physical gold and silver. And the clever ones are already positioning themselves for life in post-oil Britain. A life of tools, networks, gold, silver, trees, skills and books. The crunch is now only a few years away now, you can see the signs of decay everywhere.

The real clue is costs. Watch everything get dearer in step with the rising costs of energy. We're seeing socialism re-emerge as people start to doubt their own ability to get through it. The lorry drivers are the arch communist scum at the moment, begging their government to subsidise their idiotic and anachronistic lifestyle.

There's no point in turning to 'government'. It will collapse everywhere as the costs continue to rise and as chaos enters the system. We all need to harden ourselves for the tasks to come and build our communities - no government is going to help us, they'll hardly be able to help themselves. We need to build our localised, solar-powered economies and if necessary create local defence forces to stop the hippies, socialists, peak-oil deniers and middle-class losers from trying to butt in.
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