Sunday, May 11, 2008

different colours, different shades ...

We had a visit from the local Green party rep yesterday evening. It was an odd experience, a bit like going through a timewarp. I explained that our main thrust now is Transition and that as far as we're concerned the Green Party exists merely to get people into power so it will make our job easier. I'm not sure he totally got it!

I also made my favourite point that environmentalists are ridiculously out of touch. I brought up the nonsense that Greenpeace recently came up with, that air travel will account for as much CO2 in 2050 as from all forms of transport now. This is of course total drivel - there won't be any civilian air travel by 2050, so why even bring it up? His amazing response was 'well, that's a matter of opinion.' No it's fucking not, it's a matter of geology! Sometimes the greens come across as as thick as the Daily Mail reader. Why do we even bother?
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