Wednesday, May 21, 2008

what got it all started

I surprise a lot of people. I don't come across as a typical Green - far from it. With my boy racer cars, successful business, right wing politics, regular holidays abroad and taste for the good life I probably appear more like your average hippy denier ...

So how did it all start? Simple. 16 October 1987. If you don't remember that date you weren't there. It was the night of the infamous 'hurricane'. It changed everything.

We were right in the front line, on the Sussex coast. Wind speeds reached 108 mph. There was a lot of damage!

Now I'm not suggesting for one minute that this was a direct result of climate change. But what it was was a wake up call. This was the sort of event we're all going to experience a lot more in the future. Coupled with the end of cheap oil it is a dangerously potent combination - or possibly an opportunity if we follow the Transition model.

Chilling scene on Littlehampton sea front - I loved those pines in the background.

Bad parking.

Howards Way took a direct hit. It was only yards from the sea.

Desirable seafront properties.
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