Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the return of chaos

Oh dear. A few lorry drivers trundle their dinosaurs into our uncool capital, whining about the price of diesel, that they seem to think is expensive when in reality it's dirt cheap and will never be as cheap again. They are bleating for the return of socialism - but is anyone listening? I doubt it.

One of their 'leaders' (I thought socialists thought we were all equal, or is that identical?) was asked on the BBC News where the money would come from to subsidise their dying industry. Should it be schools, hospitals, old people - his barely believable answer was 'from fitted kitchens'. If any of you thought these losers had a case I imagine that was the moment you realised that these people aren't serious about anything, especially their own industry.

Another whine we hear from 'em is that they have to pay VAT on diesel. Yes, but surely they claim it back as an input when they put in their quarterly returns? Or is that too difficult to explain to them?

The fact is they haven't got a clue. They tell us they're poor then waste 'expensive' fuel and lose a day's work driving into London of all places. And every step of the way they were alienating car drivers who were held up by their useless driving. They're now talking about picketting refineries again. So bloody 1970s! More time wasted, more work lost, more decadence. More chaos.

Because chaos is what this is really all about. Your average lorry driver lives a totally uncultured, unadventurous life. They park their mounds of blubber behind a big steering wheel and drive from factory to factory spreading prejudice and delivering the odd bit of cement, wood or extractor fan. They crave excitement - and every now and then they try to stir up trouble and get their latest tattoo on telly.

We don't need chaos. We need people working together to get us through the end of the Oil Age. Climate Change will bring enough excitement for us all. The real challenge is to convert our society WITHOUT chaos - and that message obviously hasn't got through to this unholy alliance of lorry drivers and politicians who love looking backwards rather than forwards.
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