Thursday, May 22, 2008


'Isn't she lovely ...'

The Scottish government, in a move than further puts England and Wales to shame, is to ban the public display of cigarettes in shops. This total no-brainer move is actually being opposed by - shopkeepers! This callous regard for people's lives, health and coolness is disgusting.

[T]he prospect of legislation to restrict the display of cigarettes met with a frosty reception from Andy Willox, of the Federation of Small Businesses in Scotland.

He said: "Forcing thousands of small independent shops to redesign their premises does not seem like the actions of government committed to sustainable economic growth."

John Drummond, chief executive of the Scottish Grocers' Federation, said the display of tobacco products is "essential" to allow customers to make a choice based on availability, price and brand.

Just fuck off and move to England if you don't like it you pair of hippy wankers.
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