Saturday, November 17, 2007

too late?

So the IPCC report on Climate Change presented to the United Nations now claims that some Climate Change effects can not be reversed. We need to know - are these effects that will kickstart positive feedback? If they are then we are well and truly fucked, and every 'green' initiative will make no difference. Coupled with Peak Oil it really is a bleak picture, though not one without some degree of potential romantic adventurism.

Our kids won't be worrying about mortgages, traffic queues, celebrities and holidays. They'll be engaged in a daily competition with nature as they learn to live in a world where the slightest weakness is punished, where you grow your own food or starve, where you learn what you need to live and not much else. But they'll also have more time, they won't be wasting loads of it travelling, they won't be sat stupidly in front of the TV. Who's to say that CC and PO aren't good things?
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