Tuesday, November 27, 2007

france looks ahead

With riots in the Paris suburbs and the best cheese in the world, France is always cool.

And with a policy of using nuclear power they are looking ahead to life after oil. But, amazingly, they are also looking even further ahead. 70 French towns are now using horses to take kids to school and to pull recycling carts and dustcarts. They are claiming it's because of Climate Change, but of course it's really because of Peak Oil. It works, economically, already when we still have incredibly cheap petrol! This is the future, and it's already happening.

France has also built over THIRTY new tramway systems in the last 10 years. Makes you ashamed to be living in the UK really ...

(Okay, the picture above is Zermatt, but it was the closest I had to a horse-drawn vehicle!)
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