Monday, November 05, 2007

pretties ...

Some shots from yesterday's firework display at the Bristol City ground. We had to endure about half an hour of the worst music imaginable as an accompaniment to the fireworks. If only it had been Enter Shikari ... or Mahler.

Being brought up in Sussex I know how to do Bonfire Night properly! Torchlit parades, bangers through letterboxes, random indoor bonfires ... we had it all. Lewes bonfire night is the best on earth.

And what do we celebrate? The getting rid of half of this idiot 'religion' that still clings on in this most Pagan country on earth. The ditching of the even more deranged half of christianity as the catholics were removed from society by their fellow religionists - and all in the name of their imaginary 'god'.

So why not let's move on, declare the 5th of November as Pagan Day, 5 days into the New Year, the elements of fire to the forefront (but often with earth, wind and water taking its part!) Let's really let go, turn the whole nation into a big version of Lewes!
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