Saturday, November 10, 2007

silence of the lambs

Our 'government' is proposing some ridiculously soft 'green' taxes that will encourage purchasers (NOT existing users) of new, large fuel-inefficient vehicles to choose more sensible options. AOL did a vote on whether this was a good idea. Duh - soft but could only be good. I voted just for the sake of it, expecting a 100% yes. Amazingly, unbelievably, the vote was 74% NO!!!!!!

This is simply more confirmation that the little soft lefty luvvies really don't have a clue what's coming! That they don't understand even the basics of the huge changes that are going to turn their lives upside down - if they survive. Twenty years ago this may have been a workable idea. Today it's irrelevant anyway - the soaring cost of petrol will ensure that we all opt for firstly smaller cars then for lifestyle changes that will mean we can live without the stupid socialist things.

It never fails to amuse me that the general public are so backwards-looking. This is OUR opportunity. All the time they're going the wrong way we can pick up the assets that we'll all need in the future at knock-down prices. Every 4x4 sold, every seaside house, every beefburger means that the real stuff - gold, seeds, land, woods, tools etc - are still available at reasonable prices. More power to the idiocracy!
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