Saturday, November 17, 2007

dinosaur watch

I've had great fun with a group called We Will Not Be Paying Over £1 a Litre for Petrol in the UNITED KINGDOM [sic] on Facebook.

They are fair game because they are dinosaurs. I find it extraordinary that in 2007 with the first effects of Peak Oil starting to hit there are still a few people who think £1/litre is expensive! This is hilarious. In a few years it'll be £2/litre, within 15 years probably around £10/litre. There's no way out of this and there's no point bleating about it. It's simple geology and economics, a lethal combination. Even now we only produce 1 1/2 million barrels of oil over demand levels. Demand will rise by 2 million barrels a day next year yet the wells are now not only running at full capacity but are running dry. Is anyone willing to take bets that next year there won't be a REAL oil crunch?

The sad thing is that there are still millions of people in the UK that are too stupid or too decadent to take this on board. There are still 17 year olds learning to drive, there are still people moving into areas where there's no public transport or work.

But you know what? I'm not going to 'bother' them any more. If they want to live in a fantasy socialist utopia with petrol at 80p a litre forever then let them. It's probably not wise to spread the word too much - some of them may have the brains to see that what we're saying is right and they may then compete for all those lovely assets - land, trees, seeds, tools, networks, gold - that WE need.

Climate Change deniers - remember them - helped keep up demand for waterside properties and other useless assets, reducing the value of useful stuff, making it easier for us to get MORE of the real stuff, so perhaps we should let the Peak Oil Prats do the same? In a few years we'll all be fretting about Peak Oil and locating away from the danger areas, by then all the sensible folk should be well ensconced in their nice self-sufficient defendable homes. Let the lefties descend on us then - we'll wipe 'em out!
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