Wednesday, October 24, 2007

reaping the whilrlwind

So half a million people are being evacuated as wildfires detroy homes and businesses in California. Do you suppose this will convert a few more Americans to the challenges posed by Climate Change, or will they just keep on behaving as they have before? In the fire above can be seen burning one of the principal reasons for the US's unreason on this issue - the bible, which encourages the stupid to destroy the Earth and to lord it over the animals and have as many ('christian') children as possible.

At the moment we have a phsychotic in denial 'nation' trying to rule over the rest of us. And we're having none of it. The USA, the world's last communist state, will suffer more than most from Climate Change, more than all from Peaked Oil, and will collapse into 50 warring and squabbling mini-states as things begin to bite. At least California has a reasonably astute Governor who will probably do more than most to smooth the transition ...
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