Monday, October 29, 2007

dirty faggers

A new poll shows that the majority of publicans want the smoking ban to stay. I wasn't aware that there was any other option anyway!

Amazingly 26% of the respondents genuinely believe that the ban is negative!!! The sooner these losers are out of business the better - they clearly don't have a clue and are bound to go out of business anyway.

But the agenda is shifting. Now 72% want smoking banned when driving. Big deal. There should be a TOTAL ban on smoking in the UK, and the sooner the better. It serves no purpose at all except to make one bunch of losers look uncool, stupid and dirty and another bunch look wealthy. It has to be the most pointless activity ever.

I want the twins (above) to grow in a world without faggers. It would also be nice if they grew up in a world without that other bunch of lamebrain losers - meat eaters (or 'hippies' for short). That is also likely as the current rush to produce uneconomic, negative energy biofuels is rapidly squeezing out food production in any case. The Americans must be absolutely TERRIFIED of Peak Oil if they're allowing this to happen!
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