Friday, October 26, 2007

population implosion

There's been a lot of wild talk about population recently. That Britain will have 81 million in a few decades etc. It's drivel. We all know that population has to start falling soon. Latest crap is this, a report that suggests we need MORE housing - over a quarter of a million new houses each year! Where, exactly? Why, exactly??

The fact is with Climate Change marginalising millions of existing houses and Peak Oil making most current housing patterns unsustainable our population needs to start falling RAPIDLY now, not in 20 or 30 years time. Step one - end ALL immigration. It is insane to import people just to keep up the charade of economic 'growth'. Step two - encourage a one child per family scheme - not through compulsion but through the tax system. Parents with one child (or none) pay NO tax regardless of income, parents with more than one pay 50% flat rate tax on all earnings, increasing by 10% with each additional child. Similar incentives and disincentives can be built into the benefits sytem. Twins/multiple births should count as one child of course! Step three - encourage people to become self-sufficient wherever possible to alleviate CC/PO effects, this should match family size to land use within each family discouraging large families.

So let's forget all this rubbish about new houses. Let's stop ALL development of green field sites, encourage redevelopment of all sustainable brown field sites and get the idea of falling population into the general mindset. Let's get ahead of the game on this ...
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