Wednesday, October 03, 2007

more leftie whining

Some old tosser is suggesting that Al Gore's fillum An Inconvenient Truth shouldn't be shown in schools as it's 'politically biased'!! Al Gore is a christian American conservative who suggests that with a few tweaks the world can keep going on the way it always has. He's about as threatening as a piece of limp lettuce with a chocolate AK47.

Yeah, AIT is politically biased alright - biased towards the toads and middle-class twerps that insist that Climate Change is fixable, that the REAL issue isn't Peak Oil and resource depletion and that the American Way of Life is non-negotiable.

Okay, let the little kiddies watch this version of I Love Lucy with melting icebergs, but it's hiding the real Inconvenient Truth - that the little darlings oh-so-lovely middle class lives are about to come tumbling down and that school - as well as their simpering parents - aren't doing a thing to teach them how to survive in the future.

An Inconvenient Truth, like a lot of the greenwash the luvvies are piling on us, is just feel-good fodder for the soon-to-be-extinct masses. Al Gore's political bias is the same as that of Cameron, Brown, Blair, Bush and the old tosser first mentioned - business as usual. Like all lefties they convince themselves that materialism will always win out, that people are basically good even in bad times and that true leaders - men and women of vision willing to take REALLY hard decisions so that some of us survive - should be kept down in the morass of grey goo that all our running about to 'create' economic growth is leaving us up to the neck in.
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