Thursday, October 04, 2007

as gay as it gets

How fucking gay! The post office 'workers' have decided to attack their management by - attacking the public! Why don't these loser scum - union members, deadbeats, hippies and socialists - just for once wake up and realise this is 2007, not 1972? It is pathetic. These featherbedded numbskull hippy scum live dead easy lives with houses, food, TV, cars, everything, yet they still want MORE for doing their 'job'.

Well listen up losers, you will all be out of work within 5 years because your business model and your idiotic pandering to blubbery brain-dead union 'leaders' will allow REAL business to take yours away, especially if this strike lasts more than a few days.

Know your place in the grand scheme of things - you are at the bottom and need to stay there. You are uneducated cannon-fodder. The world is falling down around you and you still can afford the luxury of 'striking'. Unions for essential services should be BANNED.

But hold on, the management have it all fixed. They're offering the following advice - 'A Royal Mail spokesman said: "We will do all we can to mitigate the impact of the strike action but we would ask our customers to avoid posting mail during the strikes and if they do so, then to post any mail at Post Office branches, which will all be open for business as usual.'.

Well I shall keep posting where I want you middle-class wankers. Get off your arses and actually POST the letters, or you'll be on the dole too!

Now, let's google 'delivery services' and let the GPO lose a little more business - for ever!
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