Wednesday, October 10, 2007

books as currency

The latest in the ever increasing range of Climate Change and Peak Oil books is the above, cleverly bound in plastic for durability. I'd advise all of you to get this as it addresses plenty of important issues and has information that will be invaluable once things break down.

Books will be one of the great survivors of the Collapse. They don't need energy to access, contain loads of information and/or entertainment and are reasonably light and transportable.

This book makes an interesting point that hadn't occured to me. As well as gold, silver and skills, another post-Collapse currency may well be books. So build up a good stock now whilst you can. I imagine the most valuable will be guide books to post-Collapse living (like the above) but also those mindless 'airport' style novels that help pass the time. Because free time is something we're all going to have plenty of in the future!
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