Tuesday, May 01, 2007

the future of politics

This is the first time I've lived in an area canvassed by the BNP. This was shoved through our door the other day. Hartcliffe is a typical BNP target area, mainly white working-class council tenants, old Labour territory now abandoned by the middle-class twerps that are more tory than the tories.

Now I don't listen to anti-BNP propaganda put around by lefties, in fact watching lefties squirm is one of my favourite things! But the BNP have got it all wrong. They are in no way a 'British' party because they actually prevent a good proportion of the British people from joining. This is not only bad politics and bad manners, but very bad business.

On some things the BNP are well ahead of the pack, especially on Peak Oil, Green issues and preventing development and environmental degradation by importing more people (black or white) from abroad just to keep tax revenues going. They are also very anti-British in being ostensibly 'christian'. Ironically they are very sound on being anti islamic. But these two 'religions' are the same thing - foreign monotheistic death cults based on centuries old prejudices.

So, a word to the BNP - scrap the measures that prevent some British people from joining, stop trying to pitch for the Daily Mail Learning Difficulties crew, support Paganism rather than un-British 'religions' and push Peak Oil to the top of your agenda and you really will start to make progress in destroying the cultural marxism that infects British politics. Then you'll get my vote, and those of millions of others.
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Anonymous said...

I thaught tat a good post exept for when you said christianity is the same as Islam.
Christianity like all religons has its flaws (big ones mind) but Islam and the Quoran is like a the phsycopaths handbook, the two things aren't comparable.