Friday, April 27, 2007

oh dear .... hippies of the week

A pub in Cornwall, 'England', has decided that the best way to keep its disgusting clientele - 99% of whom are smokers - is to secede from the UK and join Peru. Well they're welcome to you! Perhaps they'll sponsor all your customers to have 'loser' tattooed across their faces? Haven't the idiot landlords realised that 99% of their customers are smokers because they only have one customer - and he smokes 'cos he thinks he's still living in Wigan, 1928. Wait until 1 July, the haze will clear, the coughing will stop, old Sid will pop his clogs (literally) and REAL people, not loser tossers, will start using their pub ...

Or perhaps they can just all fuck off to Peru where they'll be welcomed with open arms? The picture above is of the king and queen of Peru enjoying a 'fag'.

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