Wednesday, April 25, 2007

china crisis

(The day after the 1987 'Hurricane', Sussex)

China has just wiped out all the gains made by the rest of the world in combating climate change by its unfettered 'development'. Although a signatory to the Kyoto Accord, China is exempt (so what's the point) as it's a 'developing' country. Surely controls on developing countries should, if anything, be even tighter than on the developed nations? Otherwise it'll all run away from us? China is not 100% uncool of course, and is even developing car-less cities, but you wonder if their heart's in the future or firmly stuck in the past?

I was convinced of the reality of climate change ten years before most, as a result of the 1987 'hurricane' in Sussex. I lived on the coast where it was worst, and I was persuaded then that something odd was happening. Now I'm trying to spread the word about Peak Oil (and Peak Coal), ten years before most have heard of it! Peak Oil is a bigger threat in the medium term, especially in the UK. Apart from the storms and flooding, the UK will probably benefit from climate change (in the medium term) with warmer winters, vineyards, hot seasides and palm trees everywhere. Unless the Gulf Stream fails of course ....

I'm ready for both, with a convertible and a Land Rover!
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