Monday, May 07, 2007

a walk in the woods

I went for a rare walk this afternoon. Met these two horses on the way!

Soon we were in primeaval forest ...

Ferns with bluebells behind.

Bluebells with rhodedendrons behind.

I grew up around woods and I still love them. We did this walk late this afternoon with rain threatening. Although seemingly deep in the country had I turned the camera around 180 degrees you'd be looking at Portbury Dock, though with the misty hills of Wales beyond. And all the time the roar of the idiotic M5 motorway which cuts thoughtlessly and needlessly through this part of the country. In twenty years time no doubt the motorway will be silent and probably the Portbury Dock too as globalisation falters through the lack of fossil fuel. And this part of the world will again be dominated by forests, wild animals and an abundance of plants. We only have to endure the dinosaurs of inhuman scale infrastructure for a couple more decades, then once again all will be quiet and as it should be ....
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