Saturday, May 12, 2007

the most pointless activity of all?

Why do they still do it? Why with the death of road transport imminent do people still nervously struggle to get a driving license which will do nothing except authorize them to spend hours in stationary traffic for the next few years until the oil runs out? To let them waste thousands on cars, insurance, tax, repairs, MOTs and petrol just to end up with a rusting unmoveable lump of useless metal in front of their (rapidly depreciating) house? They'd be better off investing their wasted money, buying a decent bike and use taxis, trains and trams to go further afield. And buy all the books they can on surviving the Collapse.

It's sad really. That 'L' really stands for loser.
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Anonymous said...

This blog is utter dribble! Its like the writing of a child! Join the real world everybody needs a car! Where i live it costs £6 to travel 9 miles by so called public transport! If they stopped ripping us off to use public transport maybe wed all use it!

Sunshiner said...

Dribble?? Don't you mean drivel?

I drive a car like most people. In fact we own three, including a convertible boy racer 300 watt sound system old people masher and a 1970s Landrover. Where did I say otherwise? I'm totally immersed in the real world with three kids (one disabled). You've TOTALLY missed the point of the post. Oil is running out, nobody disputes that, within 3-5 years it will be rationed, within 10-15 only within the means of the very rich. So unless you're very rich you might find it useful to actually study Peak Oil rather than being terrified of it, and see what you can do to keep some semblance of civilization. I travelled 25 miles by public transport today - an absolute delight and just £11. You're obviously being ripped off wherever you live - but then anyone who can mistake the writing of someone with an Economics degree and an MA (look it up!) in Creative Writing is obviously fair game for us in the elite!

Anomynous?? I wonder why LOL!!!