Tuesday, May 15, 2007

left right left right left right STOP!

There's a great battle at the moment in that most paradoxical and anachronistic nation, the 'United' States of America. Some of the bonehead christians have got it into their addled heads that climate change is a tool of the left!! Meanwhile other slightly less boneheaded christians think that climate change is the biggest threat facing the world. They can't both be right! One of the groups is misreading 2000 year old dogma ...

And what is it about Americans thinking the 'left' have anything to do with climate change? Left, right, what's the difference? The BNP are a supposedly 'far right' party, but have many socialist-style economic ideas but paradoxically are the only British political party taking global warming (and peak oil) seriously. The Nazis, hardly left-wing even to the most rabid American christian, were the first government to introduce environmental protection laws. It's historically been the right (people like ME!) that have put environmentalism on the agenda - the left have been horribly quiet, concentrating instead on dead issues like nationalisation, workers' rights and Palestine etc. The left are mainly climate change deniers because they see climate change as a total threat to their exclusively materialistic world view.

At the same time WWF reports that suggest we have five years to save the planet are not helpful either. There's no room for hysterical posing, hype or false science in this battle - we need cool heads and hard hearts to win this battle or at least help some to survive.

Left, right, christian, Pagan - we're all in this together. The Pagan Right will provide the vast majority of survivors and thrivers.

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