Tuesday, June 05, 2007

phew, what a scorcher!

So, there are still a few climate change deniers (mainly US lefty 'christians') and the world didn't take a lot of notice of the IPCC report a couple of months ago because it was too scary, but now along comes the latest US National Academy of Sciences Report that suggests that things are far far worse than previously supposed, and that atmospheric carbon is increasing by three times as much as it did in the 1990s. How can that be? Okay, the response has been lacklustre, but governments have not only accepted that man-made climate change is happening but many have even made steps to alleviate the problem. So how can the rate of carbon in the atmosphere be intensifying?

Simple, the long forecasted positive feedback mechanisms are beginning to kick in. If true there really isn't anything we can do now to stop major climate change throughout the globe and massive human die-off as a result.

But in the meantime enjoy the hot weather, invest strategically, read everything you can and get ready for the thrill of climatic disaster!

And all this before Peak Oil kicks in!

And what does the UK 'government' do to prepare? Back airport expansion ...! LOL!

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