Tuesday, June 05, 2007

heilegendamm and scum

Heilegendamm probably means something very different to me than it does to the scumbag 'anti-capitalist' deadbeat hippy losers that caused so much trouble in Rostock a few days ago, in their pathetic yearning for a return to the 60s.

To me it's a lovely place I stayed in for a few days in 2004. It's the walk along the seafront past the abandoned factory, a monument to the very lefties that now try winding us up. It's the pizza place right next to the beach and a very friendly campsite. It's also a station on the fantastic Mollibahn.

And what is it now? A dumping ground for world 'leaders', a place under siege with a 7 mile fence around the perimeter and a magnet for every unwashed, lefty, anarchist middle-class loser that's in the business of winding up their rich parents by 'protesting' against capitalism.

Capitalism won losers, get used to it. Only the market will solve the twin problems of climate change and peak oil, and violence never solves anything. Let the pampered 'leaders' waffle for a few days and leave them in peace. Your anti-capitalist rhetoric is meaningless and a total anachronism. The left can never claim the high moral ground on anything, especially climate change. In England the left, in the form of trade unions, are SUPPORTING airport expansion and why? Fucking jobs, that's why. You're all a bunch of hypocrites, or should that be hippycrits? You're no better than the 'leaders' you profess to be against. You're all from the same stock, middle class prefect SCUM.

In a few months Heilegendamm will be quiet and peaceful again, and real people can go about their business there. Who knows what will happen in the meantime, as middle-class protestor attacks middle-class 'leader', kept apart by middle-class police?

Green? You haven't got a fucking clue ....

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