Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Well we shouldn't be surprised. The weather's been odd for weeks, we had a terrific storm here in Bristol last week. Yesterday saw some extraordinary rainfall over huge parts of England and Wales.

What's really sickening is that despite the fact that the Met Office had put out severe weather warnings since Friday everyone just got up as usual on Monday morning, driving to work and school, and many of them got caught up in it. Three of them died.

Now we've got to get used to it - severe weather is getting more commonplace and worse. We used to think that the UK was immune to really severe weather - that complacency should have vanished in 1987. British weather nowadays can be lethal, and we've all got to get used to it. And it's only going to get worse.

When the Met Office first issued warnings the government and local authorities should have ordered schools and workplaces closed, and also closed the most vulnerable roads, rather than let people innocently venture out.

On the Monday morning one of the grown-ups' comics was blaring out 'Worst rain for 50 years' and in the text mentioned a possibility of up to 4 inches. And today we hear that this is exactly what happened. We have to trust the forecasters now, not act like 1970s British idiots who claimed the forecasts were 'always wrong'.

We are entering very dangerous times, no government in the world is seriously tackling climate change, that will be OUR job as private individuals. Government is failing us all. They need to learn from this, but they won't. They're wankers.

My advice - move away from flood-prone areas, learn some real practical skills and invest in silver and gold. Interesting times are coming ...
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