Friday, June 29, 2007

nearly sorted ...

So a few loser smokers are going to challenge the English smoking ban are they? And on the grounds of human rights! What about the rights of the 80% who DON'T smoke, who think all smokers are loser scum and are still getting off light? Just get used to it.

Publicans must be jumping with joy at the latest forecasts, that pub visits will rocket once the smell of stale tobacco has gone, and only 3% of smokers (or under 1% of pub-goers) have said they'll stop going to pubs. Good riddance. No doubt they'll sit at home jacking up, watching Deal or No Deal and decrying the loss of pounds, shillings and pence, foxhunting and capital punishment for witches.

And smokers, guess what? This is only the START. Soon you'll be banned from smoking in cars, on the street and at home. We should follow Bhutan's example and ban smoking and the sale of the drug tobacco entirely.

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