Sunday, March 04, 2007

the biggest con of all

The biggest con of all is the christians'/moslems'/jews' worship of the drivel of 'death'. All Pagans know that death is an illusion, a surface 'reality' that vanishes as soon as you study it.
No idea why this nonsense caught on, but I suspect it has something to do with consumerism and socialism, trying to trick us into running headlong into ambition, conformity and 'common sense'. All the dullest (and most unsuccessful) people you'll ever meet believe this monotheistic secularist rubbish. And they lead such miserable 'lives' because of it.
And before the coffin-lovers amongst you start saying that the Abrahamic Monolith Religion promises heaven and hell - these are not lives, but psychotic images of boredom and another form of death. They offer nothing.
Of course as Pagans we instinctively know how the universe/multiverse really works, that as thinking creatures we have and have always had an existence, and we always will, no matter what happens. Our spirits ALWAYS find a new home. Only if we're prats do we get stuck being Brian Merritt, accountant, over and over again. And listening to James Blunt, for ever ...

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