Tuesday, February 27, 2007


So the socialist scumbags who use mobile phones whilst driving are going to get a few points on their license and have to fork out £60 of their unearned income from today. There's been a little bleating as expected from these deadbeats but the police seem to actually be enforcing it. I always make an obscene gesture when passing these morons in their 2CVs and lorries, no doubt as they discuss revolution and chardonnay on their Nokias.

They'll be whingeing even more from July 1st when they can't ruin decent people's lives and meals by smoking in public. A few years ago we could have told 'em to 'sod off back to Russia' but the commies have vanished there too!

Now for a TOTAL ban on smoking and an automatic lifetime driving ban for using mobile phones in cars. These buggers could also afford to pay £1000 fines ...

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