Tuesday, February 20, 2007

would you credit it?

The incoming head of the Nationwide has suggested that in the future all bank customers will have to pay fees just for having a current account! He can FUCK OFF! This is because the banks have been charging 'unfair' fees to those customers who have been going into the red. Excuse me but shouldn't they be penalised for being losers?? Why should those of us who ARE financially competent have to subsidise these mullet-wearing, smoking, Sun reading, James Blunt fan shits?
The whole credit/mortgage/deficit finance con pushed by our idiot lefty government and their running-scared good ole boys in the USA is built on the premise that 'money' (like oil) will last forever, that the less real it is the sounder it will be, the Economist talks about the end of the cash economy and all these mummy-boy emo tossers are so PC they won't tell the truth because it'll hurt somebody.
Buy gold.

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