Thursday, February 01, 2007

you pathetic commies ...

Mmmm. One of those days. The BBC had film of some French fucker whingeing because he had to pay £5 - yes five quid - extra tax to help combat climate change for his unneccessary flight to France. Fuck off mate, and all the rest of you commies and sheep that think whingeing is acceptable. Fact is the new tax should be set at about £50 and even that is too low. Air travel has to end, and end fast. It's destroying YOUR planet and YOUR kids' futures. Okay, it will end anyway over the next 20 or 30 years once the oil goes, but do we have that much time?
On the same news the new report (and these always veer on the safe side) on climate change is now forecasting at least a 3 degree centigrade rise by 2100 and up to one and a half metres of sea level rise - and this is assuming gradual melting of ice sheets rather than the far more likely sudden collapse of ice shelves. Sorry, but we're fucked if that's even half true!
And the silly story about a bunch of commies wanting to kidnap, torture and behead a BRITISH moslem soldier is just pathetic. These people are mentally ill and need to be treated accordingly. Hippies, tories, christians and commies - wouldn't the world be such a better place without 'em??

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