Tuesday, February 13, 2007


A trip to Glastonbury today. Not by train of course - the S&D make take years to get back there. Stuck behind old gits, horseboxes, lorry drivers, the usual loser suspects, but we got there in the end.
Glastonbury's a painful place for a Pagan. There are too many hippies, crusties, middle-class new agers and old gits cluttering up the place. Vegetarian food is hard to get, there are always far less witch and Pagan shops than you remember, and there's still a stink of christianity about the place in a few dark corners.
There was even a cafe there which announced 'smoking encouraged', probably the most loser uncool thing I have EVER seen. How are they going to survive after 1 July?? And who cares ...
But there was an upside - the excellent Goddess and Green Man shop and a superbly atmospheric pub with bad food!
But the Pagan engagement ring we went for eluded us - until we popped into Wells on the way back and in the very last shop we saw there it was - plain band, white gold and in exactly my size - and with a 30% discount!!

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