Tuesday, March 06, 2007

even these buggers are worried ...

This year's Geneva Motor Show is finally responding - ten years after the rest of us - to the threat of Climate Change. All the talk is of hybrids and future technology, low emissions etc. Jeremy Clarkson must be turning in his grave.

It'll probably be another ten years before the reality of Peak Oil sinks in and the car manufacturers, and particularly the venture capitalists, realise that they're in a dying industry with no future.

Everybody is now aware of Climate Change but the average person in the street is still ignorant of Peak Oil, which suits the governments fine. Peak Oil is a far more dangerous threat than climate change because we'll have to TOTALLY change our lifestyles to cope with it. Climate Change will be inconvenient, and deadly to some, but Peak Oil will change everybody in the developed worlds lives, and shatter the petrolhead illusory ambitions of billions in the Third World too.

The people to watch and listen to are not the politicians but the businesspeople who will have to make decisions now. Some of the biggest publicists for Climate Change have been businesspeople (NOT Branson!!), at the moment Peak Oil is discussed mainly amongst economists, but the businesspeople are beginning to listen. Even the investment community is beginning to incorporate Peak Oil futures into its decision making.

Investment in the future will involve buying lots of gold, silver and forests, and defendable houses on high ground and as close to the poles as possible.

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