Wednesday, March 07, 2007

seaside woes - but for how much longer?

More evidence that our 'betters' are still heading in the wrong direction! The BBC News today carried a sad report about how our seaside resorts are in decline.

Er ... they might be now but with temperatures rising year on year and even the most optimistic reports forecasting desertification of southern Europe following quickly after the end of air travel then the future for UK seaside resorts has never been brighter.

Sure, they'll have problems with erosion and storms and many will need to quickly restore their rail links to keep the visitors coming but why do we get this idiotic reporting from London's finest who have probably never visited a seaside resort in this country?

They'd be better off asking why this moronic government is actually planning to INCREASE air travel and the size of airports, why they have wrecked plans for tramway systems in Portsmouth, Bristol, Leeds and Liverpool, and why they have wasted BILLIONS on a USA-run resource war in a country thousands of miles away.

I was brought up in a seaside resort and still holiday in the UK whenever I can. I'll only fly every ten years, and even that is wrong. The British seaside holiday is far better than anything you'll get abroad.

So let's not worry about 'decline' of things that are going to have a bright future, let's start managing a planned decline of those things none of us need - roads, airports and crap music.

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