Tuesday, March 27, 2007

apologise - not in my name!

There was some drivel on telly today with loads of deranged looking vicars and other oddballs whining in that christiany way about 'slavery'. Am I missing the point or didn't this all finish 200 years ago? The hypocrisy of the christians getting involved in this is stunning - it was them buggers what spent centuries trying to convert Africans to their 'religion', killing their culture and proper connected (and Pagan) religions at the same time. Cast out of Europe when they'd run out of witches these nutters invaded the 'Dark Continent' determined to convert, enslave or simply murder the inhabitants, taking their wealth as they did so.

And then we hear our prefect rulers debating whether 'we' should apologise for this!! Not me Blair you christian fuck. You see, I'm not a racist, I don't share your christian guilt. You preside over a government determined to enslave us ALL, with your moronic ID cards, your fake 'terrorist' alerts and all the other rubbish you spout.

And then others whinge that we still enjoy all the wealth slavery created! Especially here in Bristol, world centre of the slave trade. Bullshit, Bristol has many poor people living in bad conditions - no home ownership here, no flash cars, no money gathering interest in foreign bank accounts. Just the hard grind of day-to-day existence with only the downfall of this 'Labour' government to look forward to - and Friday and Saturday night in town or at the local pubs.

So you can wring your hands Blair, and utter insincere tosh (how like Thatcher you are), and think you with your IQ of 128 and your rich Scouser wife can tell US what to do - but until I see you buying a round at Hartcliffe Community Centre on a Friday night you can fuck off!

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