Sunday, September 09, 2007

stormy outlook

A strange week with the BBC backing out of a Global Warming Live Aid thing 'cos it's too 'political' - typical leftie bias and since when has a breaking down of climate been 'political' - it affects everyone stupid!!

Also I've been subscribing to a 'silver report' investment thing. Now I've found out more about it I've immediately unsubscribed - seems the people behind it are 'Biblical capitalists' LOL! Along with the usual drivel they also declare 'We don't 'believe' in Peak Oil or Climate Change'. There's nothing to believe - Peak Oil is a simple geological FACT, nothing to 'believe', and as for Climate Change I'd tend to go along with the evidence of my eyes (see pics above - Hartcliffe June 2007) and the 99% of scientists who aren't in the pay of the leftie deniers, rather than listen to people who believe the world was 'created' in 6 days!

The upshot of course is that silver (and gold) investment is a key strategic move to survive/flourish after Peak Oil and Climate Change. Let's hope not too many 'Biblical capitalists' invest in the same way! I don't want those fuckers queering the pitch once the real people are back in control of this planet!

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