Saturday, September 22, 2007

the slow death of the dollar

The dollar is dying. The USA is dying. They are committing mass-suicide through lax economic policy. Their communistic system is being left behind as the world moves on. Business no longer has a risk factor, decadent christian Comrade Bush will ALWAYS bail out his business chums by printing more dollars. The dollar these days is hardly worth the paper it's printed on. Many still have not realised this, when they do the dollar will freefall. Oil pricing will switch to Euros (the real reason for the attack on Iraq), Chinese money will flood out of dollars into REAL assets, or they'll buy up US assets at knock-down prices. The USA will become a third world country and begin to break up into smaller nations. Climate Change will devastate the USA, Peak Oil will finish it off. The wise ones will move into the countryside and become self sufficient. The rest will spiral into terminal decline.

Switch from paper to gold and silver, defendable land, forestry, tools and seeds. Because the fall of the dollar will affect everyone in the world. Don't be a loser ...
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