Friday, September 21, 2007

quiet news day

Oh dear. The little loves are now whining about some 'bomb' going off under a car outside some vile catholic 'school' in Liverpool. Are the agency stories that dull today?

It doesn't take a Columbo to work out that its some schoolkids messing around with fireworks and a few screws. It's one big non story. Yet it was the MAIN item on the BBC news and even found its way onto some of the financial websites - as if this devastating attack was likely to hit share or foreign exchange prices.

It's pathetic. A few kids do what kids have always done and will always do, and the middle class leftie toads all jump on the bandwagon. They love creating this climate of fear, 'cos there's money to be made and power to be gained.

Just fuck off.

They'll be telling us next that Al Queda are dressing in caps, blazers and snot, or that it's all down to ETA.
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