Saturday, September 29, 2007

meteoric rise of the dollar

No, not the sad old US dollar - that is rapidly becoming worthless paper - but the Canadian dollar. It is now worth more than the US dollar, and can only keep rising.

Canada, along with parts of Russia and Greenland, are going to be the superpowers of the 21st century. Forget China and India, they, like the 'United' States, will break apart into microstates. They cannot withstand the onslaught of Climate Change and Peak Oil. But Canada can. It's 'oil' may be exotic and extremely expensive to extract, but it will probably power Canadian transport almost to the end of the 21st century - unless the USA invades of course, which is possible up to about 2030. It's climate will improve as the world heats up, allowing otherwise barren areas to be used for growing food. A similar situation will happen in parts of Russia. And Greenland could hold untold wealth under the rapidly melting ice.

This is our changing world. Billions will die as the oil runs out and the climate winds out of control. But if you're astute enough you'll not only survive but perhaps even flourish.

My own bolt hole is none of the above, and won't be as sure a bet, but I can keep my head down there and grow enough to live on. And I'm so glad I've been buying gold and silver over the last few years, rather than running up debts or, worse still, buying a UK property!!
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