Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Very British Eclipse

Apparently today there was a partial eclipse of the sun 'visible' over Britain. We have to take the scientists' word for it because, as always, the eclipse was a total one here - the sun being completely, totally, luxuriously, exclusively, malevolently covered by the clouds ....

Just like the total eclipse on 1999, the first in mainland UK since 1927. It was August 11th if I remember rightly. The day started cloudy, and cloud persisted all day, except for one magical minute when through a gap you could see it! Not total, because we were just outside of the zone of totality, but a strange sun-moon, a crescent sun eerily peeping out from between the clouds. I ignored the warnings, rather liking the idea of the eclipse being burned on to my retinas for all eternity, and looked directly at the sun. I blinked rapidly, minimising the damage to my retinas. I don't have the image burned into my eye, but into my memory.

Soon the summer day grew dark and still as the eclipse, still hidden from view, reached its maximum point, leaving me to reflect on the extraordinary cosmic coincidence that renders the disc of the Moon exactly the same relative size as the disc of the Sun, a coincidence even the more remarkable because it occurs on possibly the only planet in the universe that harbours life able to reflect on the coincidence in the first place.

Or perhaps, bearing in mind the two main players in this drama, silver and gold, Moon and Sun, it is one clue that the Goddess gives us to remind us of Her existence?

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