Monday, March 27, 2006

Take Care of the Future and the Present Will Look After Itself

You'll hear the expression 'Peak Oil' regularly on this site, alongside more familar terms such as 'global heating', 'Paganism' and 'organic'. You'll also get tangential stuff from the far corners of my mind, gossip, tips on good music and writing, rambling irrelevant nonsense and, occasionally, writing that will make you cry your eyes out.

Stick with it. I'm a professional writer who prefers mixing with real people rather than chinless, protected middle-class wimps (otherwise known as poets). I don't write a lot 'cos it doesn't pay and it's so distant from ordinary people's idea of how to make a living that I prefer getting my hands dirty laying railway track or my brain dirty inventing new ways of using capital to develop worthwhile projects.

That's it for now. I've been writing and I feel I should do something more worthwhile. I'll be back.


Trinity said...

Welcome to the world of the blogger peaky.
May I call you peaky? Suits you.
we wait patiently for words of inspirational wisdom.

Peak Oil Dreams said...

You may call me what you wish Trin.

May I call you Trin?

The words will come, just wiat and keep watching ...