Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tales from the Sussex Woods

Hmmmmm. Been one of these for about six hours now and it doesn't seem to have changed my life. I must be impatient.

(Eddie Izzard style link) Films. Yes, mmm, films. The best, very best film ever made is The Moon and the Sledgehammer. You probably haven't heard of it. It was made in 1971, filmed in a Sussex wood with a family that seemed to eerily belong to 2071. They (will) live(d) in a shack without electricity, ex-fairground types, work on steam engines (steam will make a comeback), are the most profoundly gifted visionary bunch of chav pikeys the world has seen or will ever see, and anticipate post Peak Oil with a frisson and a sense of purpose and fun that had me shuddering and wetting myself simultaneously. And who says blokes can't multi-task? Don't bother searching Amazon for it 'cos it ain't there. There is a DVD of it somewhere as I have a pirated video taken from it. You're not having it, not even for a thousand quid.

Hail the all-conquering Sea Scopiom!

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