Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the underwhelming 'right' in the USA

The so called 'right' wing in the USA are in terminal decline. They are supporting the candidacy of a complete moron - Michelle Bachmann - for the US presidency. You would have thought they'd learned their lesson with the borderline retard Sarah Palin, but hey, these folks ain't for learnin'!

This Bachmann twat has many failings. Firstly she's a 'creationist'. These idiots believe the world was 'created' by a 'god' 6000 years ago. Not just the world but the whole universe. Now, we can disprove this on any clear evening. Michelle, ask your warders to let you out one starry night. Look up in the sky. See the stars? The light from many of them has taken well over 6000 years to reach us. We are seeing them as they were 10000, 50000, 100000 years ago! And look out for little blurry shapes as well. These are galaxies. They are at least a million light years away. Yes, these have been around for at least a million years. TWAT!

Secondly she thinks global warming is a 'hoax'. For fuck sake you commie cow - the only people that believe that are far leftist scum who don't want it to be true as it will be the end of the socialist dream if we can't just exploit the earth's resources for ever. The evidence is everywhere, no sane person 'disbelieves' it. It's happening. Don't be such a fucking moron!

Thirdly she doesn't believe that gays should have rights! Her fuckwit of a husband actually said, last year, on a 'christian' radio station, that gays are 'barbarians', and that they 'need education and discipline'. Discipline eh? No doubt with him wearing leather pants. I think we've sussed out his agenda right away.

In reality the USA is both the world's poorest country (because of its huge pile of debt) and it's last communist nation. Joke candidates like Bachmann are a sure sign of the once great nation's decline into irrelevance and decadence. It's sad to see that the 'right' is the worst offender. The USA is heading for collapse - I have two more trips there, New York city in December and Orlando next October. I suspect they may be the last times we'll be able to go. The USA will collapse sooner rather than later.

The right isn't all stupid and decadent - the excellent Ron Paul holds true to REAL RIGHT wing values with no hint of the communism, fiscal childishness and absolute uneducated stupidity of the other right, of which Bachmann is just one of the stupidest and most incompetent examples. But he won't be voted in because he actually confronts Americans with the reality of their situation.

Meanwhile in the UK we don't even have a right wing party!!
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