Saturday, July 16, 2011

california regrets ...

A ten mile stretch of an ironically named 'freeway' is to close - sadly not permanently - this weekend in Los Angeles. So? Why don't all those sad car drivers simply switch to the magnificent, world-leading, state of the art modern transport system that is the Pacific Electric Railway? With its fast big cars linking LA with its suburbs and other towns in southern California we should all be jealous of far thinking LA's preparation for the future ...

We wish - this magnificent system CLOSED by the 1960s, DELIBERATLY purchased and run down by a dinosaur combination of car and oil companies.

It's payback time commies! Okay, LA is gradually, slowly, reintroducing trams, but the current system is a tiny shadow of what it was and will be again.

So why is this 'freeway' being closed? So they can make 1 billion dollars worth of 'improvements' including widening a bridge. Why?? Who's going to be using it in ten or twenty years time? California surely should be investing for the FUTURE, not the past? They are even planning $4 helicopter trips to avoid the mess, though there are FREE journeys on mass transit. California is the crazy state that still thinks it's the 1960s, that there's still oil in USA oil wells and that the world's their oyster.

Not so long ago California planned to convert its entire road system and accompanying infrastructure to take hydrogen fuelled cars - no doubt until some bright spark explained to them that hydrogen wasn't a fuel but just an energy carrier, and one that required MORE energy than existing internal combustion engines. This is of course the state that has suffered from energy blackouts due to lack of generating capacity - how exactly were they going to generate even MORE electricity to fuel their hydrogen cars?

California really needs to start taking the future SERIOUSLY!

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